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Romano here, basically:
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"elite 4 ___ used a full restore"




Female version of a product is created

Tumblr: This is disgusting, why do they think women aren’t good enough to use the standard product? Why must we always paint men as the norm and women as other, when we should be equal? Stop forcing us in this restrictive box of…


Expectation vs Reality II Eren Yeager 
↳ The name Eren is of Cultural Ethnic Turkish origin. Its exact meaning and description is “He who progresses/has reached towards divine maturity and sacred wisdom”. It can also be interpreted as a “saint” or “holy person”. “Eren” could also stand for the German word “Ehre” (plural “Ehren”), which means honour.. Happy Happy Birthday Eren Yeager!

The Legend Of Dratini

the feels ;_;


Folklore legend says that if you repeat “Bloody Mary” multiple times while staring into a mirror, you look like a complete idiot.